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 Posted: Thu Oct 31st, 2019 06:02 pm
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KISS doesn't suck. I was first attracted to them in 1975 by their songs. Even though their first three albums were horribly engineered, to me, the quality of songs shone through. To me, they were a band which actually improved every year. They peaked musically on Revenge which was far into their non-makeup years. Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr were better than Peter and Ace even though Peter and Ace are the icons. They have a large catalogue of amazing songs and their ballad type stuff was off the charts.

Sammy Hagar blows David Lee Roth away and it’s not even close.

The Beatles are overrated

For the most part, punk sucked just as much as disco.

Cinderella is one of the most talented bands that came out of the ‘80s.

Agreed with all those...

also, this isn't something a lot of people would call "scandalous" to say, but the Gram Parsons-era of The Byrds smokes every other version of that band..

Well, Im of the opinion that one wouldnt actually have to eat the corn out of Chynas shit to know that nothing good could come of it. - Portalesman