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 Posted: Thu Oct 31st, 2019 06:49 pm
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I'm not going to destroy the booking of this match. Why? Because whomever booked it did so with the UFC in mind. They started out as they would have in the cage, Cain hit a liver shot and went for the kill - but he left himself open and Brock locked in a submission. That part? Just fine booking. The only problem is that nobody, repeat NOBODY else that has worked with Brock was booked that way, even 'Taker. So it made it appear like Cain got squashed. So I totally get why you and others are pissed. But Cain will regain his shine at some point, and if he doesn't, he's going to earn a minimum of $10M on this contract and he won't have to get hit in the face for real.

Two things I noticed - one, Brock was over HUGE with the crowd, while Cain got polite applause as if they weren't as familiar with him. Second, and even more surprisingly, the crowd mimicked Paul Heyman's speech, and I think it even surprised him a little bit as he was really, really wound up.

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