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 Posted: Fri Nov 1st, 2019 12:09 am
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srossi wrote: Jon Moxley cut a great intense in-ring promo last night, but they’ve only let him and Jericho do an unscripted in-ring promo so far, and we know they can do it already. If this whole “no writers” thing is going to take off, they really need to let a few of the round guys sink or swim. They’ll never be able to talk unless they try.

I think Cody will be alright, but yes I would really love to see Omega and The Young Bucks really give an intense promo to see where they are at.

I was kinda distracted when it happened, but didn't Adam Page have the mic?

I have no idea how long it went.

Instead of typing it all out again, here is what I posted about the episode over at WC a couple hours ago:

I was at my Dad's place when I watched it. He hasn't watched AEW before. He wasn't much interested in it early on, but came and sat down when the women's match started  , and absolutely loved the Jericho and Cody segment.I loved the show. Damn Dustin sold that attack well.The tag division is obviously booked by The Young Bucks and I agree with others that they have to start mixing up different styles. Every tag match is GO GO GO. People are going to start becoming less interested in that type of tag match every time I think. I rarely remember anything about spot fest matches, they are all a blur to me.The Lucha Brothers though, MAN they are something special.And, the directors of the AEW show are slick...did anybody notice the three little boys (and a little girl who was hugging her Mother most of the show)front row, center of the hard camera?I have a feeling it wasn't a coincidence and was carefully planned to have them in view. It gives the illusion that there are other people besides awkward, nerdy, smart mark, twenty-something males that go to AEW cards.Well done. AEW and NWA have made me again, loyally watch wrestling each week on TV.