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 Posted: Fri Nov 1st, 2019 01:20 pm
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You mean alternative rock?

Coincidentially, as a European I can only say I was blown away when I was able to first see 70s episodes of Soul Train. And I also have to say that the the decline from the 70s stuff on that show to the 80s was really depressing. So I would rather enjoy the disappearance of everything from the hip hop and soul genre post 1975 if it would mean that people would do the older stuff (funk, the Detroit labels, blues etc) again.
In a nutshell - Chic good, Sugarhill Gang bad. And I vastly prefer Sugarhill Gang style covers to the abominations of Puff Daddy and other acts.

The Don Owen signature has been retired as the Dean Silverstone book made the point that he was an antisemite. I shall give you a Greatmuta1025 approved Hello Kitty picture instead.