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 Posted: Fri Nov 1st, 2019 02:40 pm
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srossi wrote: That's what happens when you take blood money. You have to occasional deal with minor inconveniences like travel delays and beheadings.  FOX must be absolutely thrilled that they threw all this money at WWE so far.This travel delay could've been anywhere, but I can see your point.  You travel that far with that little of a window to return, you've made your bed.  They pulled this shit last year on one of their Japan legs, having talent get home and report to (I think) RAW something like 12 hours later.  You can't abuse the talent this way - if you are doing Crown Jewel, you need to leave some bodies behind "just in case".  Even with a dozen people they can broadcast Smackdown.  Have Daniel Bryan put in a 30 minute clinic against somebody, maybe Miz.  Then with all of the replays, commercials, and 'Moments Ago', you've filled your first hour.  This isn't that hard to figure out, it's just that WWE doesn't book logically.

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