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 Posted: Fri Nov 1st, 2019 05:47 pm
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srossi wrote: I saw this and I was happy. Peter Luger's is an overrated tourist trap at this point, and the snootiest place I've ever been to. From making reservations to paying the bill, everything about this place is a complete chore with horrible staff.  And the quality of the steaks have gone downhill.  It's certainly not one of the top 20 steakhouses in NY anymore even if you're just talking about food quality.  I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.As much as I make it a point never to agree with Rossi about anything, every word he writes is absolutely correct. I went in the early 80's the first time and you were basically brainwashed into thinking there was nothing better on earth. I mean it was good, but the level of pretension, no menu, a relatively limited selection just kinda stuck in my craw. When I went about ten years ago it just wasn't worth the time, inconvenience, or money.

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