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 Posted: Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 06:57 pm
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srossi wrote: AEW reminds me exactly of Nitro but in no way feels indy to me. Last week when Schiavone picked up Cody at the airport and they were driving in the limo to the arena, that was 100% WCW.The production and presentation are fine.  The Cody and Schiavone deal was a nice touch.  Liked that.
It is the talent that seems Indy. I know wrestling that I like is lost and gone forever, but all these skinny flip floppers are just meh.
After watching Power and these I really wish Aldis, James Storm and a couple of those guys were on this show.  Not that I agree with Cornette on everything but some guys that seem like grown damn men fake fighting.  Some of these guys are just not believable from a fighting perspective.  I will say this - That kid with Jericho has a lot of talent and can be a star.  He looks 15 but he has a heel arrogance vibe like a street punk Tully Blanchard.  Refine him a little and he can be something.  Some of these other guys are just playing wrestler.  That is the vibe I get.  
But please don’t mistake me, I have actually enjoyed their show, which is more than i can say for any WWE show in the last 20 years save for the CM Punk days. where I liked his stuff.