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 Posted: Sat Nov 2nd, 2019 07:22 pm
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Quattro wrote: Kriss wrote: Quattro wrote: Some of matches are decidedly Indy but AEW presentation has been solid for most part. Need more interviews/character building for the unknown talent though.

Should do a weekly pretaped segment/profile/interview of a wrestler in a realistic fashion. Kind of like the nfl Sunday pregame shows.

There is a weekly interview/profile on AEW Dark.
That needs to be on their main show.  I don’t even know where AEW Dark airs.  So the casual viewer has no clue.  They need to focus on building a company using one show.

Agreed.  AEW Dark seemed like an "extra" just to show dark matches, but is now being presented as an important secondary show with better matches than what airs on TNT sometimes.  Sorry, but no.  I'm not 15 and I don't have time for all this shit.  I'm not searching out YouTube videos.  I know they're catering to their audience and more kids watch YouTube than TV these days, but I'm not there yet and have enough on my plate.  The important character-building stuff should absolutely on on TV.  But I know I sound as ancient as Cornette when I shake my fist at stuff like this, it won't do any good.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.