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 Posted: Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 08:13 pm
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So while WWE was trapped in Saudi Arabia, a shitstorm on Twitter has been unfolding involving ROH.  Agent Joey Mercury quit and pulled a Jordan Myles and started releasing all sorts of e-mails and texts involving ROH GM Greg Gilleland in an effort to prove that he doesn’t care about the talent and is incompetent.  One of the damaging issues involves an alleged concussion that Women’s champion Kelly Klein suffered that was covered up and not medically treated.  He’s been backed up by Klein and her boyfriend and former ROH performer/agent BJ Whitmer, who quit/was fired last year. It’s been a nasty exchange that casts ROH management in a really poor light. Klein has even said she was afraid to speak up because she didn’t want to be fired, and there’s been a side debate about the women not being paid nearly as well as the men. Everyone is taking sides and a few might not return to ROH after this. I’m not sure if Gilleland will survive the allegations either.  His main defense seems to be “Joey Mercury is a drug addict who was passed out most of his time working here”, but Mercury has most of the talent on his side. There’s also talk of general dissatisfaction with the company for being stagnant and moving backwards at a time when other companies are coming on strong, which we’ve brought up here before. Just a lot of unhappiness. What a time to run a wrestling company in the age of Twitter. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.