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 Posted: Mon Nov 4th, 2019 02:21 pm
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Superstar wrote: This isn’t going to kill ROH. What is going to kill ROH is that with WWE and AEW trying to lock in wrestlers to contracts that in many cases are for a LOT more money than they were just three years ago, ROH will only be able to pick from the scraps. And those scraps will either be the greenest of the green newcomers, the drug addicted, or the very old lower midcarder that has no real business still wrestling.
I think talent is out there.  It makes it tougher, especially with MLW and the NWA sniffing around too, but it's there.  You can find hidden gems just like guys like Claudio Castagnoli and Tyler Black once were.  It's not like they were indy darlings on day one.  You just have to be prepared to lose them after 2 years if they're any good and then start again.  But they should already be used to that. 

They really need to stop the in-fighting though and give talent a reason to want to go there.  Their reputation as the top indy, a fast track to WWE developmental, and a good family environment with decent enough pay for few dates are all suffering.  For the last 2 years the front office seems to be a mess, and the product is beyond stale.  And look at the recent WWE signings who have taken off.  Guys like Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Ricochet, etc.  None went through ROH (Lee for 5 seconds but that's not where he gained his rep).  They used to ALL go through ROH.  That's what hurts them.     

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.