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 Posted: Tue Nov 5th, 2019 06:44 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: srossi wrote: I think there's a staleness to the presentation and the way the shows are produced.  Much like Raw, nothing seems can't miss, nothing seems exciting.  Sure ROH has better wrestling, but when was the last time they ran a big angle or had a blood-feud?  They desperately need something like that CZW feud again from years ago, or the unpredictability of some of the Kevin Steen stuff.  It's all paint-by-numbers now.

Is anything really must see anymore in an IG or Social media era, where if i follow wrestling i can see a recap of a hot fued or moment seconds after it happened depending on what IG page i am following.....
i was at RAW last night in Long Island and most of the wrestlers don't look like stars or must see and that has to change with the exception of the fiend  none of the other post 2010 WWE superstars come across as wow in person like Hulk Hogan did

If you're a wrestling fan, there still should be some things that are must-see and you want to watch unfold live.  Unless you're completely jaded and have given up on the whole business, at which point why even watch the highlights? 

There have been quite a few must-see moments in recent years in NXT, particularly almost everything involving Gargano and Ciampa.  It's still possible to draw me in.  But the last time WWE did anything that interesting was when Nexus was created, and before that maybe CM Punk's pipebomb promo. 

And ROH is in the same boat for me now because I know almost every match will be reasonably good and get time, but I have little desire to see a 20-minute Mark Haskins vs. P.J. Black match, especially when it's the 5th match on the show exactly like that.  Every once in a while give me a fucking riot like when Homicide and his crew ran through the crowd and attacked everyone. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.