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 Posted: Wed Nov 6th, 2019 03:40 pm
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On the WWE-backed podcast that Corey Graves hosts, he refused to "confirm or deny" any of the rumors about why they were held in Saudi Arabia.  He would only say "I lived through it firsthand.  You didn't.  I'm not towing the company line but I'm also not in the business of rumor-mongering."   

Um, OK.  So clearly it was NOT mechanical problems otherwise he would've just said so.  Every single wrestler who has tried to defend WWE's position has done so with the unspoken caveat that things didn't really go down like reported. which just creates more speculation.

Graves went on to put over the event and the way they were treated while detained, and denied that #TheSaudi20 were the "most important" or given preferential treatment but they were simply the ones advertised for Smackdown who most needed to get out of there.  He joked that if it was about the people with the most clout, that he wouldn't have been on the plane, but Vince wanted him to call the show.  Obviously that still didn't work out.  He blasted talent who took to Twitter to cry about being left behind, so yeah, then he went into full "towing the company line" mode.  Of course, by his own admission, Graves wasn't there so he doesn't have "firsthand" knowledge of what happened after he departed.

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