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 Posted: Wed Nov 6th, 2019 10:54 pm
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Married Jo wrote: Nobody..especially not the mailman, wtf? Who does that?!I wonder if this is a "southern thing". As far back as I could remember virtually everyone tipped our neighborhood mailman at Christmas time. It was a must. DSNY (Department of Sanitation of New York) are often tipped also. A funny story about that. Before my pops went on PD he had worked for DSNY for about 4 years. It was good when he transferred because the cops and garbagemen had the same union so he was able to carry his seniority over. Anywho, his route used to be in Corona which was mostly black. However, alot of high powered black folks lived there and were on his route. He had Willie Mays and Louis Armstrong as well as Malcolm X. Rich guys the Say Hey Kid and Armstrong gave my pops and his partner a measly five dollar tip each. However, Malcolm came out and graciously gave my white father and his white partner 25 bucks each. That was a ton of money in 1960. My father was actually quite upset when Malcolm was assassinated.

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