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 Posted: Thu Nov 7th, 2019 06:39 am
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It may be a little later than we’d like but we can finally reveal the details on today’s Hidden Gems addition to the WWE Network. Thankfully, it’s a doozy. It could even be classed as the first-ever “direct sequel” to a previously released gem, and perhaps the most famous of them all. Taking place on 11/06/1983 from the legendary Omni Coliseum in Georgia, this is the first event to be held by Georgia Championship Wrestling after the fabled ‘Last Battle of Atlanta’. While obviously not of the same god-tier rarity as its predecessor, long-form Omni footage from the Georgia Championship Wrestling territory is still sought after by wrestling historians and today’s upload is more than 90-minutes worth.
As you’d expect, the video includes the “presented in the most complete form possible” disclaimer at the beginning and has no commentary. We can confirm the following matches:
Chief Joe Lightfoot vs Brad Armstrong
National Television Championship: Jake “The Snake” Roberts (w/ Paul Ellering) vs Ron Garvin ©
The Great Kabuki (w/ Gary Hart) vs Jimmy Valiant
Abdullah the Butcher (w/ Gary Hart) vs Buzz Sawyer
National Tag Team Championship: Dusty Rhodes and Brett Sawyer vs The Road Warriors © (w/ Paul Ellering)
Ted Dibiase vs Tommy Rich
It should be noted that a Pat Rose vs Les Thornton opener is also listed under the card on but it isn’t included here. Other than that, everything else is shown in full.
As always, here is the official video description:
Georgia Championship Wrestling 11/06/1983 – At The Omni after The Last Battle of Atlanta [Duration: 01:33:33]
Tommy Rich battles Ted DiBiase, Buzz Sawyer clashes with Abdullah the Butcher, and more as GCW returns to the site of The Last Battle of Atlanta at the Omni Coliseum.
“At The Omni after The Last Battle of Atlanta” will be added to the Hidden Gems category in the main “In-Ring” heading of the WWE Network later today.

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