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 Posted: Thu Nov 7th, 2019 06:47 pm
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Superstar wrote: Infamous wrote: This same chained black slave dog was forced to bow to white supremacy @ WM3 in one of the most subliminally racist matches of all timeWas there any backstory to this?  Because JYD didn’t job all that much, and Harley Race was still a huge name even if he was almost 3 years since last sniffing the NWA belt.  They shot the angle on the January SNME. Harley and JYD wrestled for the first time. I think Harley was dq'd. After the match, Harley and Bobby roughed up JYD and tried to force him to bow down. They feuded until WM3, where the stipulation was the loser had to bow down to the winner.

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