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 Posted: Fri Nov 8th, 2019 08:13 pm
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We visited Memphis in 2010 with the kids and visited a few places. They were 5 and 9.

Mudd Island - Kinda cool. Lots of room for the kid to run around and they had some paddle boats on a little pond.

Sun Studio - Kids were allowed in when we went. This was awesome. The place is very small, but there is a ton of music history including Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jonhhy Cash, etc. Must visit.

Graceland - I am not a huge Elvis guy, but it was fun. I mostly goofed on the crazy interior with carpeted ceilings and a bunch of weird decorations. You wear headphones as you walk through. The best part was a racquetball court in the backyard that they have turned into bit of a museum. You can see a bunch of gold records and his crazy outfits. You could also visit an area with some planes and/or cars that Elvis owned, but we skipped that.

Beale Street - We skipped it. We don't drink and it looked dirty when we drove by.

Marlowe's - We ate here. Their claim to fame are the pink Cadillacs that sit outside. I think you can go for a ride in them. The food was average at best, but I am from Texas and good BBQ is everywhere. BTW Memphis BBQ is mostly pork, BTW.

On the way out we went by the Mid-South Coliseum. It was still standing but there was a temporary fence surrounding it. I snapped a photo from the highway. I think it has been torn down since.
My wife visited Nashville a few weeks ago. I am not sure what all they did but she mentioned Music Row a few times. She likened it to the Vegas strip but with live music instead of Casinos.

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