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 Posted: Mon Nov 11th, 2019 10:20 am
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More additions from Kriss &

1/2/1964 Kansas City MO
Bill Miller & Mongolian Stomper beat Dick the Bruiser & Wilbur Snyder
Art Thomas beat Harley Race

1/17/1974 St Louis MO
Dick the Bruiser beat John Paul Henning
Gordon Nelson draw Rocky Montero
Karl Gotch beat Fred Atkins
Shohei Baba beat Angelo Poffo
Rip Hawk & Bill Miller beat Ronnie Etchison & Joe Tangaro
Bob Ellis beat Fritz Von Erich

1/28/1964 Indianapolis IN
Dick the Bruiser beat Jay York
Moose Cholak beat Dick the Bruiser Wilbur Snyder The Alaskan Bob Bruce Ciclón Negro Dennis Hall Doc Gallagher The Lawman Les Thatcher Mike Gallagher & Paul Richard Battle Royal
Wilbur Snyder vs Ciclon Negro
Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher beat The Lawman & Les Thatcher
Moose Cholak beat Paul Richard
Bob Bruce beat Dennis Hall

2/1/1964 Nappanee IN
Dick the Bruiser & Angelo Poffo vs Mike Gallagher & Doc Gallagher
Les Thatcher vs Tiger Longorio
Bob Bruce vs Dennis Hall

3/19/1964 Lafayette IN
Angelo Poffo & Nicoli Volkoff vs Dick the Bruiser & Wilbur Snyder
Dennis Hall vs Roger Kirby
Bobby Managoff vs Johnny King

4/23/1964 Lafayette IN
Angelo Poffo & Nicoli Volkoff vs Dick the Bruiser & Wilbur Snyder
Billy Goelz vs The Mongol
Bill Miller vs Joe Brunetti

7/23/1964 Columbus IN
Dick the Bruiser beat Dennis Hall
The Destroyer Guy Mitchell beat Johnny King
Roger Kirby beat Johnny King

7/24/1964 Atlanta GA
Sputnik Monroe beat Dick the Bruiser DQ
Buddy Fuller beat Dick Dunn
Joe Scarpa beat Krusher Karlson
Red Roberts & Rube Wright beat Scufflin Hillbillies Cousin Alfred & Cousin Willie
The Destroyer Johnny Long beat Ron Reed
Greg Peterson beat Bruce Austin

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