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 Posted: Wed Nov 13th, 2019 04:29 pm
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srossi wrote: Matt Farmer wrote: srossi wrote: Checking it out now. Did they only upload the first episode of The Mandalorian so far? When do they get the latest Marvel movies like Spider-Man: Far From Home?From what I've read, Disney+ and even Netflix are looking into releasing new streaming shows on a weekly basis. The idea being it will be easier to retain those customers. 
Had heard the upcoming Marvel television shows will be handled like that as well. 

So they're trying to undo years of binge-watching conditioning now?  That's not gonna go well.  I'm sure many people with no lives expected to send all day yesterday watching "The Mandalorian".
Couldn't be more correct.  I guess Disney is treating plus as if it were a network with a vault.  WWE I think was going to do that, as they have their "live stream" channel within the network, but mostly the shows are uploaded well before they show them on the live channel.  I can't imagine that people are happy that they have to spend the next three months watching Mandalorian.  I did not subscribe yet, Disney got way too much of my money over the past ten days, so I'm waiting until December.  I am going to do the seven day free trial around the Thanksgiving weekend (that's when my Hulu expires) and then sign on for the $12.99 deal including Hulu and ESPN.  I would never buy ESPN, but I've had Hulu for a year for 99 cents a month and it's changed the way I watch TV.  I'm going to be cutting way back on cable in December as my contract for FiOS runs out over Thanksgiving as well, then go more into streaming.  Not cutting the cord completely - there's a lot of basic shit that we watch on Hulu that you need a subscription for and it all comes with a mid level package.  I don't care about cost, as long as it doesn't go up, so if I come out of this paying the same price I did for full cable I will be getting more for the same money and that's my goal.

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