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 Posted: Wed Nov 13th, 2019 09:17 pm
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tamalie wrote: lobo316 wrote: The pc freaks win again. At least he goes out on his own terms.
He was asked to apologize but refused, unlike that ass kisser Ron MacLean.

Don Cherry offered to apologize and when asked to go further than he was apparently willing to go, whatever that was, he said no and that was it. Despite that exchange, he didn't go out on his own terms when all was said and done. He got fired midseason. Going out on his own terms would mean retiring by his own choice minus any scandal or controversy, whether that meant having a final season of farewells and nostalgia capped by an emotional farewell after the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals or simply announcing quietly in midsummer that it was time to hang it up and that it's been a blast.

I think that Rogers, if not the CBC before it, had probably been wrestling for a long time with the dilemma of wanting Don Cherry gone, but not being able to push out an icon without a backlash. Various minor incidents have occurred through the years and if not for those many prior statements, Don Cherry might have come through this storm had it been a one off thing. However, this was the straw that broke the camel's back as part of content accumulated a lengthy period time. It finally gave his employers the ability to send him packing and be seen as justified by a good portion of people and the media instead of as meanies who unfairly gave Uncle Don the boot by a strong majority.

The didn't renew his contract last summer but public pressure got them to re-up for one more year. They've been cleaning out their higher priced sportscasters because they are taking a bath on their hockey package and what they paid for it. This was all they were looking for to fire him, and he delivered as expected.
Ron McClean throwing him under the bus in the aftermath was awful IMO. Fuck that ass kissing piece of trash.

End of the Day Cherry was no longer relevant and at 85 it was time for him to retire anyways.