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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 01:59 am
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Angelic Assassin wrote: srossi wrote: WongLee wrote: Superstar wrote: srossi wrote: I'm not sure why it's so hard for sportscasters to shut the fuck up about politics and cover sports. I say the same thing about Bob Costas and assholes on the left. This wasn't the forum for Don Cherry to spout his nonsense, and from what I understand the poppy issue he was upset about is fake news and something that isn't even happening. But Cheery has a LONG history of saying stupid shit going back 2 decades, so this was bound to happen in this day and age. I haven't heard anyone who's upset about this move from a hockey perspective and not a political one. The consensus seems to be that he hasn't been good in forever.Dude, do you even read what you write sometimes?  You bring up everything that the police do wrong on a Sports message board.  Yes I know it's different and yes I know that we have a General Discussion forum, but you really shouldn't shit on a guy who has a one minute segment to say whatever he wants and then stand by was his opinion, he got fired for it, and he told the network to fuck off when they demanded an apology.   You and I have gone back and forth about the cops, in a lot of cases I agree with you and in a lot I don't agree with you, but you never back down because you are passionate about the cause.  Don Cherry is passionate about the military, and on Rememberance Day, he made a plea to the people to support them.  I can say to you, or to anybody, that if you were offended by his totally benign statement then you really have issues.  In a day and age when everybody is offended about everything, this one seems totally ridiculous.
And oh by the way, I totally agree with one thing that you said - Don Cherry has said a TON of stupid shit over the years.  He could've been fired a dozen times.  But in my opinion, to fire him now, it's just a way to kick him out the door.
Duuuude, usually you and I think right along the same lines, however, I agree with Rossi 100% here. Cherry has a national stage with millions of viewers. His opinions about anything other than hockey should be kept to himself. Rossi and me and you say our opinions on a message board that has maybe 25 active members. Plus we've all 'known' each other for over ten years.

I don't think Rossi was offended by the comment, I think what he's implying is it wasn't the stage for it. On that I agree completely. Everyone and their mother has a podcast now. Let him start one and let his lead story be how Hitler was misunderstood and a segment that touches on "Mohammed Atta: Bad Guy or Bad Pilot".

Exactly.  Although you are wrong about one thing.  I was highly offended that Don Cherry actually thinks that Canada has a military.  Quite offensive to real militaries. 

The Canadian Military goes in and cleans up after you people ( you like that) shit the bed and make a total mess of things.