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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 11:54 am
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srossi wrote: I'm not sure why it's so hard for sportscasters to shut the fuck up about politics and cover sports. I say the same thing about Bob Costas and assholes on the left. This wasn't the forum for Don Cherry to spout his nonsense, and from what I understand the poppy issue he was upset about is fake news and something that isn't even happening. But Cheery has a LONG history of saying stupid shit going back 2 decades, so this was bound to happen in this day and age. I haven't heard anyone who's upset about this move from a hockey perspective and not a political one. The consensus seems to be that he hasn't been good in forever.
You're wrong about this not being a forum for Cherry to say things like this.  For 30+ years, Coach's Corner has been a platform for Cherry to talk about both hockey and current events, often on questions fed to him by Ron McLean.  In particular he has used his platform to support the Canadian armed forces.  I wouldn't want to guess how many times he's ended Coach's Corner with a choked-up tribute to a fallen soldier. 
On Tuesday, I tuned in to Toronto's FAN590 for their lunchtime hockey show and I couldn't make it 5 minutes.  I could smell the cucked-out sanctimony emanating from their hosts all the way across the border.  All of them were in a race to prove how woke they are with regards to Canada's great multi-cultural experiment.  Meanwhile, on Toronto's mega Baby Boomer station, AM740, a majority of the calls were supportive of Cherry's right to say what he said and in agreement with his assessment of ingratitude by "those people". 
Undoubtedly, the most disgusting reaction was the aforementioned hothouse flower Ron McLean, who wasted no time publicly throwing Grapes under the bus, despite having had the opportunity to push back in real time if he'd been so inclined.  Fuck that faggot.