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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 01:16 pm
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To be perfectly honest - and nobody here has even tried to tell me exactly what he said that was so wrong - when I first heard him say "You People", I thought he was talking about all of the Americans that moved to Canada. I shit you not. This is why, to me, there's no implication of racism in his words. Would I be racist to say "get all of those Canadian immigrants out of the US right now!!"? In a lot of your minds, probably not. But if I replace the word Canadian with Mexican, boy, I'm fucked. This is why I say the world we live in today is fucking pathetic. Words don't make you racist or prejudiced...actions do. Don Cherry could be the president of the Killer Karl Kox fan club for all I know, but to this American, his words were very tame. Getting fired for saying "you people" when he's broad stroking an entire nation.

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