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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 03:41 pm
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Superstar wrote: srossi wrote: I never heard Ralph Kiner on Kiner's Korner say, "You know, the Nazis made some good points..." and he might have been able to get away with it back then too!
We are talking Mets fans here, Mr. know their fanbase.  He never gets away with giving credit to Nazis no matter what year.  But I get your point and you made me laugh out loud at my desk today as I heard those words in the "later years" Ralph Kiner voice in my head.

I mean Mets fans are mostly from Queens and Long Island so I think they'd be totally down with giving the Nazis a second chance.  Even though Queens is the most diverse neighborhood in the world, Yankees fans tend to be a lot more diverse than most Mets fans.

But on another note, go to a game at Fenway and play "Let's find the black person" some time.  It's loads of fun and will keep you occupied the entire 4 1/2 hour game.  You will spot literally 100 dudes wearing kilts before you find one guy who even has a tan.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.