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 Posted: Thu Nov 14th, 2019 04:11 pm
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krazykid18 wrote: Superstar wrote: srossi wrote: I never heard Ralph Kiner on Kiner's Korner say, "You know, the Nazis made some good points..." and he might have been able to get away with it back then too! We are talking Mets fans here, Mr. know their fanbase.  He never gets away with giving credit to Nazis no matter what year.  But I get your point and you made me laugh out loud at my desk today as I heard those words in the "later years" Ralph Kiner voice in my head. You want to explain this commentSure.  Every time I go to what was once Shea Stadium, and is now Citi Field, somebody on my left or right is eating a Knish and most likely one person in their party is wearing a yarmulke.  This is not a bias, it's a fact - there are a shitload of openly Jewish people at Mets games.  Meaning, you know that they are Jewish based on what they wear.  The owners are Jewish too, and they'd never have a Nazi sympathizer on payroll.  Hell, they really don't want ANYBODY on payroll, but that's for another thread.

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