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 Posted: Sat Nov 16th, 2019 10:39 am
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martini wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: WongLee wrote: srossi wrote: After yesterday's video rant where he "quit" WWE, Myles has now deleted his Twitter account.

Myles' video caused a lot of concern amongst his friends, who feared he was having a mental health breakdown and that his recent actions are more related to that than legitimate accusations of racism. Myles was publicly contacted by everyone from Mark Henry to NWA star Ricky Starks who begged Myles to call or DM them and let them know he was OK.
Oh please. So his 'friends' are concerned because I guess they think only a madman would live the benevolent bosom of Mother WWE. Doesn't matter if you're a pro wres fighter or a burger flipper, folks are going to get pissed off about their gigs and some will complain. Some will also use social media to complain. When Bernie gets in next year all the Superstars will have an equal amount of time with the strap.

But isn't the way he has been acting totally out of character for him?
I heard he is a really nice, humble guy. I'm not saying his accusations are not legitimate. That is not for me to decide, but the way he has handled it all is concerning. 

What do I know anyway. Maybe I AM just a madman.

Myles, if you see this, I beg of you to please DM or call HHH, to let him know that you are OK.  Just remember pal, that Steph's benevolent bosum is always there, waiting for you, in Stamford Connecticut.

I've heard he has burned or at least lightly scorched bridges on his way out of other companies in addition to this.

He was let go by ROH during their six man title tournament because of a shit attitude. I met him very briefly after a show at a greasy spoon, he was with some people I knew and was in town for a Bucks game. He was very nice in the couple of minutes we spoke. If the shirt has him this riled up, good for him sticking up for what he believes. If this is a health issue, I hope he figures himself out. 

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