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 Posted: Sat Nov 16th, 2019 11:08 pm
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Kriss wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: srossi wrote: Everything I’ve heard is that Moxley is basically booking himself and just really, really wants to get back to the crazy shit he did in CZW and even top it. This is what he’s been craving for years and now he’s free to do it. He wanted Lesnar to do some of this shit with him at WM to make that a memorable match and Lesnar had no interest in doing anything but the bare minimum even if it was Moxley taking the bumps. This is just his mindset and why he left WWE. He’s not the guy who’s going to take his money and be happy. He’s a different kind of guy. Reading Renee Young’s tweets during his matches is a little fun and a little sad because she’s totally freaking out and everyone knows he’s putting his quality of life in jeopardy when he doesn’t need to in order to get over.

The problem I have with all that is if Moxley was concerned with the money anymore and all that nonesense why didn't he go work for CZW, Ian Rotten(joking), Big Japan, or some wrestling company that specializes in garbage wrestling. We'll see how hardcore he is.

If you want to do garbage wrestling, AEW is the best place to do it. You get paid, the crowd is big, you get a week until your next match, and you only have to do one garbage match a month at the very, very most. It's not like he's Jun Kasai doing the most grotesque matches for 20 years and looking like a carnival freak, or wrestling for CZW in a field in Deleware where there are more people on the card than in the crowd.

I agree, I was just referencing what rossi said he heard about Moxley wanting to top the crazy shit he did back in CZW.