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 Posted: Mon Nov 18th, 2019 06:36 pm
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WongLee wrote: srossi wrote: the squared circle wrote: For guys like me who are stuck in the 80's, thats a pretty good triple bill.
I like all the bands but Vince Neil just can't go anymore AT ALL.  Poison will probably play 30 minutes and even as a headliner that's about as long as Bret Michaels is good for these days.  Def Leppard is really the only act that can still deliver at that level. 
Supposedly Live Nation made this contingent on Vince losing 50 lbs. and Tommy going to rehab.

And if that doesn't happen they're going to cancel and refund everyone's money?  Empty threat even if true.  Summer is a long way away and no one is keeping Vince away from the Krispy Kremes the entire long, cold winter.  

Vince was okay-ish on that Farewell Tour, but then more than a year later I saw him solo at a festival (with a setlist of 100% Crue songs) and it was as bad a live performance as I've ever seen.  It was like 60 outside and he was dripping sweat with a beat red face singing one of every 5 words (instead of his usual every third word).  He just looked and sounded AWFUL.  People were walking in droves out since it was a festival and there were so many other bands that had played.  His drummer, the young guy from Slaughter, was putting on a Young Bucks match behind his kit to keep the show moving, and Neil just had nothing left.  It was Fat Elvis mixed with drunk Stephen Pearcy.  Just pitiful.  They can't let that happen headlining stadiums.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.