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 Posted: Tue Nov 19th, 2019 04:23 pm
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Principal_Raditch wrote: srossi wrote: Principal_Raditch wrote: This thing is really fucking with my ability to watch The Price is Right every day!
Get a fucking job, immigrant!  

I"d rather some of that free Gov't handout money that conservatives tell me immigrants get, yet never been able to find the actual existence of it since it surely isn't compensating me for all the taxes I've put into the system the last 20 + years I've been here. 

If you look hard enough you can likely find it. When I was in California I heard of lots of free money programs. Granted they don’t hand you cash but if I remember correctly there was a program that would pay one utility bill a year, then you had food stamps, WIC (which might be food stamps I’m not sure), covered California and healthy families might both be the same thing not entirely sure myself but point being there are programs out there but in order to find them you’d have to put down your remote and use your keyboard to search the webs to find them. 

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