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 Posted: Wed Nov 20th, 2019 06:46 pm
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srossi wrote: Married Jo wrote: srossi wrote: Some are saying he used that same exact line in 1995 with the WWF.
There's video of it all over twitter..and apparently he used it in the 80's too lol

Doesn't surprise me.  These lines get recycled all the time.  Even Heenan used the same ones for decades.  Funny that they are now offensive and no one blinked an eye back then.  

EDIT : Damn he got fired for that, i mean the joke is weird because fried chicken is more of black american thing, but is he implying it more on hunger level and murduch is tough because nobody wants to bother him ...i'm not sure but he deserves to be fired for making me think hard for what angle was he going with the punchline

I mean duh, in WWE you have Becky calling herself the Man, a gimmick that is laughable because Becky doesn't even look intimating to females let alone a Man but can get away with it in this era, because WWE won't book no man to smack daylights out of her.

Look at this match, no way it will be allowed in 2019....shoot with the amount of  different variation of female eyecandy we have now in WWE, you know how huge the ratings would be if we got more bra and panties matches but can't do it 

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