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 Posted: Mon Nov 25th, 2019 02:19 am
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Joey Mercury continues to bury ROH by sharing private texts. In the latest batch, Flip Gordon screen shots a Ticketmaster screen showing tons of available seats and tells him it’s “fucking embarrassing” that ROH is running bigger venues with no one there. Mercury sends this to Greg Gilleland who replies that he should ask Flip why he can’t draw. He then says he doesn’t pay the talent what he does to run tiny venues. There’s then a conversation about if they should’ve put the belt on Scurll instead of Taven at the MSG show. Gilleland says they haven’t been able to get Taven over but they didn’t want Scurll to leave (for AEW) and they knew they had a better chance of re-signing Taven.

None of this is all that crazy but Mercury is trying to make it seem like Gilleland is Hitler because of the types of comments that are made behind closed doors every day in every business. Mercury is a dick for sharing all this and shouldn’t be hired by a Pizza Hut much less another wrestling company ever again.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.