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 Posted: Mon Nov 25th, 2019 09:11 pm
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Angelic Assassin wrote: WongLee wrote: I would like to pick some of you hillbilly retards brains if I may. I'm looking to start collecting baseball cards again. Not just any. I'll only be looking for Topps cards and only New York Mets cards from 1962 until the present. I'll only be looking for cards rated PSA 7 or higher. Now I know the bottom REALLY fell out of the sports card market years ago. I'll be doing this mostly for fun. Quite frankly, it sounds like I would probably be dead before I would be able to complete it due to disposable income at any one time and such. Is this something that is worth the time, effort, and expense? Or are these things literally not worth the paper they're printed on. It can get somewhat pricey. For example, I'm researching 1962 cards now. A PSA 7 Richie Ashburn can be had for $75. Seventy five bucks can buy a lot of oxycontin or a tranny hooker between the age of 35-40. Is anyone on here still in the card game and if so tell me all your dirty little secrets.

Well at least your post got the attention of Rossi the head hillbilly retard right off.
Well yes...there is that.

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