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 Posted: Tue Nov 26th, 2019 09:13 pm
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Some fascinating numbers there.

Starting from the earliest.

Who the fuck was Eddie Peabody and we did he draw over ten thousand?

Three Dog Night was there four times in three years and drew over ten thousand every time.

Deep Purple was drawing sellout crowds at the Met but in New York on the same tours they couldn't even sell out the Felt Forum which held 4,000.

In the early 70's POC seemed to draw rather poorly. Roberta Flack, Jackson 5, BB King, and James Brown drew well under ten thousand.

Why was Mac Davis looked upon as a god in 1974?

KISS outdrew Led Zeppelin.

When Rush headlined in January of 1978 they were only capable of playing loaded shows at the 3,500 seat Palladium in New York.

Molly Hatchet drawing close to 10,000 when I had seen them at the Palladium about a month before and it wasn't even close to being a sellout. That was with the Michael Schenker Group opening too.

Minnesotans loved them some Foghat.

Bob Barker outdrew Ozzy.

Four soldout nights in a row for Neil Diamond? I didn't think there were that many jews in Minneapolis.

POC bands in the 80's drew much better than in the 70's.

Good to see Frank closing the place out even though by 1992 I'm sure he sounded like 2019 Vince Neal.

Very fun list. I mean we all know that only the numbers for New York really count but it's fun seeing what the little guys were doing too................

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