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 Posted: Tue Nov 26th, 2019 09:58 pm
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The Sly and the Family Stone concert from 2/4/72 got absolutely eviscerated by the music critic at the Minneapolis Star. By this point Sly was drugged out of his mind. His shows always started late with quality that was extremely uneven. On a good night, he could be the old Sly. On most nights he was so wasted that he looked like he might fall asleep, as was the case on that particular evening. The concert started an hour late and the band only played for 45 minutes while completely lacking any enthusiasm or energy. The critic noted that after the band finished and it became clear the show was over, some fans started yelling "Rip off!", with the critic also noting that this wasn't a new thing for the band and it would come back to bite them on future tours. Sly and the Family Stone never returned to Met Center, I'm not sure about other local venues, but I do know that by 1973 to 1975 they were playing to smaller venues with plenty of unsold seats due to their reputation for no shows, late starts, and lousy performances.