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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 12:59 pm
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nyhack56 wrote: Ultimark wrote: BItterOldMan wrote: Vintage Wrestling wrote: I hope he isn’t ousted. The last thing we need is Mike Pence as president. That guy makes Trump look like a far left loon.
You heard it here first: VP Pence is the whistleblower.
LOL.  It is funny how he tries to sidestep everything.  I think it is now common knowledge it is a CIA officer.  
This is all for nothing in the end.  He will never get 67 votes against him in the Senate.  If people don't like him, they need to vote him out.  Of course, even if that happens, he will scream fraud and probably say he won't leave.  That could be interesting. 
He won't get the 67 votes, because most of the Rep senators are so far up his ass they can taste Lindsey Graham.
However, this inquiry is the only way to get all of the testimony into public domain.

Won't get the 67 votes? I don't think bug eyed will get a majority of Dems advancing this to the Senate. This may very well be the biggest political blunder in years.