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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 04:19 pm
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The Page/Plant album as a duo came out in 1998. In 1988 Jimmy Page had a solo album called "Outrider" that he was pushing on this tour. It went Gold, but wasn't a big hit and didn't have any hit singles. There were some instrumental tracks and guest vocalists on the others. Robert Plant sang a couple of the songs. British rock/soul singer Chris Farlowe, who was never big in the States but popular in the UK, sang a few as did John Miles, another who had hits in the UK but never stateside.

The opening act for the concert was Jimmy Barnes. He's a homegrown rock legend in his native Australia, but is largely unknown in America. He is best remembered for collaborating with INXS on a great cover of The Easybeats "Good Times" that just missed the Billboard Top 40 in 1987 but was a big rock radio hit at the time and also got a lot of MTV video play because the song was on the soundtrack to "The Lost Boys" and the video had clips of the film in it.