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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 04:30 pm
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tamalie wrote: The Page/Plant album as a duo came out in 1998. In 1988 Jimmy Page had a solo album called "Outrider" that he was pushing on this tour. It went Gold, but wasn't a big hit and didn't have any hit singles. There were some instrumental tracks and guest vocalists on the others. Robert Plant sang a couple of the songs. British rock/soul singer Chris Farlowe, who was never big in the States but popular in the UK, sang a few as did John Miles, another who had hits in the UK but never stateside.

The opening act for the concert was Jimmy Barnes. He's a homegrown rock legend in his native Australia, but is largely unknown in America. He is best remembered for collaborating with INXS on a great cover of The Easybeats "Good Times" that just missed the Billboard Top 40 in 1987 but was a big rock radio hit at the time and also got a lot of MTV video play because the song was on the soundtrack to "The Lost Boys" and the video had clips of the film in it.
Ahhhh ok, the few brain cells I have left are not firing in order today. I'm glad I looked up Page and Black Crowes because I was going to put that one down too lol. I remember Outrider and as you said, it was a very forgettable album. I think this was around the peak of Page dancing with the dragon. Zeppelin had their disastrous one off reunion in 1988 at MSG for the Atlantic Records 40th anniversary party. Page was quite active in the 80's with the ARMS Tour, The Firm, and the aforementioned tour for his solo album. All this while having a crippling heroin addiction sure couldn't have been easy.

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