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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 05:23 pm
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Kriss wrote: srossi wrote: BlueThunder wrote: Honestly, if the Dems were smart, they would have saved this nothing for October 2020. There obviously wouldn't have been a hearing before the election, but it would have caused a cloud over his presidency. Also, by saving this for nearly a year, it would have given Americans time to get over the Mueller debacle. Then again, if Dems were smart, they'd be conservatives. :tongue::
The Mueller "debacle" has led to a slew of indictments of people close to Trump, so I have to laugh at this talking point straight out of the Baghdad Bob school. It turned out to be incredibly fair and lenient and gave Trump personally every benefit of the doubt, and people are still going down left and right.  It just didn't happen with a sexy headline in 24 hours like so many low-information Americans with short attention spans would've liked.

Aren't there 10 people in jail because of Mueller? 

The people arrested didn't necessarily have anything to do with the 2016 election that Trump allegedly conspired with the Russians. I'm not saying Mueller was in the bag for the left. Most news outlets covered this over and over. Many pundits outright declared Trump a traitor. My point was that it went off with a whimper. Again, many neutral Americans were anticipating a big bomb from Russia Russia Russia. Now enter this bad knock off called Ukraine. These same Independents were probably fatigued, not to mention Schiff is boring and stiff.