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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 05:28 pm
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Tell us the dirt. Tell us about the times your paths crossed with a celeb good or bad. Doesn't matter if they're A List or F- List. I'll start. Living in NYC during the 70's and 80's and working in clubs and concerts gave me a few stories.

Chris Benoit - I considered Chris an actual friend and I believe he felt the same. When he got his first MSG title shot against The Rock, I was his guest for the after-party at the restaurant the WWF used to have in Times Square. Double murderer or not, Chris was one of the nicest and most gentle people I've ever met. He was very modest and unassuming and always asked me how my family was. To this day, conspiracy theories aside, I think he had one moment of madness which caused the disconnect in his head.

Faye Dunaway - Faye always got slammed as being a diva. I had numerous interactions with her in the mid 70's and  it was always the opposite. While I was in college for a year, I worked part time in this high end ladies shoe  store on 5th Avenue called Chandlers. Saw a ton of celebs come and go in there and everyone was nice. I was a lowly stock boy. I had to bring the shoes up from the stockroom to the customer. Faye liked her shoes. After I served her twice she would always ask for me. She chit chat pleasantly and was a pleasure to be around. One fine Sunday afternoon I'm hanging out in Central Park with my girly and this seemingly crazy lady comes running up to me with a baby carriage. It was Faye Dunaway! She said she saw me and just wanted her to day hi. I introduced her to my girlfriend and she was as nice as could be. I never saw her again after that but she scores high in my book.

Liza Minnelli - This one was truly bizarre. My cousin was getting married up in Buffalo where he was living at the time and asked me to stand up for him. I was honored and the whole Wong clan flew up there. Everything went smoothly and we all ended up staying until the following Tuesday. I had a 6:00am flight back to LaGuardia and was with my parents and my 90 year old Sicilian grandmother. The terminal was completely empty at the Buffalo airport and it was literally just the four of us. I'm dozing off when two ladies come into the terminal. One about my age (mid 20's) and the other a bit older but not as old as my mother. In an empty terminal, the older one comes up and sits RIGHT NEXT TO ME. No personal space no nothing. I grunt in disapproval but something told me to take a closer look at this slattern. I turn to look and at the same time she looks at me and gives me a smile. It was Liza Fucking Minnelli. So she smiles and said hello. I smile back and do the same. Now my mother starts nudging me and in a fake stage whisper asks me if that's Liza. I said yes but to leave her alone. So then  my Nana gets up, walks right in front of her and asks "Are you Judy Garlands daughter?" Liza smiles and says yes. Then my grandmother asks her her name and she responds. By now I'm guiding Nana back to her seat and apologize. Liza says no problem at all and that she was adorable. Kudos to Liza from me.
I've got a bunch more but I'm tired of typing. Let's hear your stories.

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