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 Posted: Wed Nov 27th, 2019 06:27 pm
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Cory Wells of Three Dog Night lived in my hometown and in fact, two cousins of mine owned the homes on either side of him.  Cory was the kind of guy who probably had the dream life in terms of being a celebrity.  For a few months a year he could go on stage in Vegas or other places and be an accomplished rock star doing the nostalgia circuit, but when he came back to our shithole town you wouldn't know him from Adam.  He mostly went around in zubaz and a ratty t-shirt.  He loved fishing on Lake Erie (naturally, his home was on the lake) and often showed up at my uncle's hardware store looking for various bits and bobs related to his tackle and boat. 
Much of Corey's family lived in SoCal and ran in "those" circles.  One time, I was helping my cousin screen in the Florida room on the back of his house and he wandered off down the beach.  When he came back, he asked me, "Who's Cheech?"  Since he'd been an undergrad in the late '70s I was puzzled that he seemed oblivious to the name.  Anyway, I explained it to him and he said, "oh, Cheech's granddaughter is hanging out in the water with Corey's granddaughter."
After he retired from teaching, my dad worked one day a week at the aforementioned hardware store and between that and having nephews live next door, he became familiar to Corey.  When the old man passed away suddenly in 2006, Corey, in a very small-town fashion, quietly showed up at the funeral home to pay his respects and later donated a grand to the scholarship we set up in my dad's name.  To the best of my knowledge, he was just an all-around nice guy. 
Not really a celebrity, but several years ago I was waiting for a flight at the Buffalo airport.  Our plane arrives and the passengers are filing off.  I'm wearing a Liverpool FC jersey that morning.  One of the disembarking passengers walks up to me and asks me if I'm a fan of Liverpool.  I say yes.  He then asks me I've ever heard of Everton.  This is like asking a Yankees fan if he's ever heard of the Mets.  "Do you know who Landon Donovan is?"  Donovan had just finished a stint at Everton at the time and I probably belied my annoyance when I answered that, yes, I knew him.  He started to walk away, but after a couple steps he turned on his heels and came back.  "I only ask because I'm Landon's father," he said.  Once he said that, the resemblance was obvious.  So we talked for a while.  He mentioned how he'd just been at Old Trafford the week before to watch a game.  He also talked about Landon getting a watch endorsement and how he was able to give his father any watch he wanted, no matter the price.  Nice fellow, if a bit odd. 
I went to grad school in DC and had the opportunity to briefly meet several high-up political people.  The one that bugged me most was when I was working on Capitol Hill and got to spend an hour with the chairman of the committee I was interning with, Chuck Hagel.  You meet so many oleaginous people in DC but Chuck was the worst I came across.  I suppose that's how you get to be a Senator.  I had to take a shower after spending an hour listening to this guy big himself up through a series of anecdotes and a thin veneer of staff-supplied knowledge.   Still, I'm sure he's a piker compared to others in that town.