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 Posted: Fri Nov 29th, 2019 12:18 am
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Qaenos wrote: I went to a strip club in Toronto and sat in sniffer's row for Ginger Lynn.  She was doing a tour in the early 1990s and came by my neck of the woods. On the third song, she took her panties off (ya they go full nude in Canada) and handed them to me saying "here you go, Sweetie". After the show,there was a meet-n-greet and I told her that she was my favorite as a kid going through puberty, when I was stealing mags and videos from wherever I could find. She seemed genuinely touched and gave me a hug.

I kept the panties in my closet for about two years.
I don't know if the "girl-next-door" is a a work, but if it is, she was keeping it kayfabe that night.  I wasn't disappointed and the brief interaction remains a highlight of the 1990s for me.
If this story is even 75% true, it's still probably the best post I've ever read here. Ginger's hardcore movies were my favorites when I was a kid.

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