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 Posted: Fri Nov 29th, 2019 02:26 am
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cman73 wrote: This is what I have for the 9/26/83 Montreal Card..

9/26/83 Montreal, QC - Paul Suave Arena
Dino Bravo vs Masked Superstar
Gino Brito and Richard Charland vs Blackjack Mulligan and Sailor White
Tony Ricco vs Pierre Lefebvre
Billy Robinson and Louis Laurence vs Bob Boucher and Kurt Von HEss
Gino Brito, Jr. vs John White
Claude Roy vs Mr. Hito

Many thanks for the line-up, cman73! :)

Here are more line-ups and results, from Bloodlust1966 (Former poster at KM, haven't seen him around in a couple years. Anyone know of his whereabouts?)

08/09/82 @ Paul Sauve Centre (MONTREAL)

Bob Backlund vs. Billy Robinson [International title vs. WWF title]
The Destroyer vs. Pat Patterson
Dino Bravo vs. Swede Hanson
Tony Parisi vs. Mr.Saito
Gino Brito vs. Mr.Fuji
Edouard Carpentier & Gerry Ho vs. Gilles Poisson & The Hangman
Tony Russo vs. Tito Senza

10/25/82 @ Paul Sauve Centre (MONTREAL)

Edouard Carpentier & The Destroyer df. Billy Robinson & Alfred Hayes
Pat Patterson & Mr.Fuji & Mr.Saito df. Dino Bravo & Gino Brito & Tony Parisi
The Hangman df. Gerry Ho
Tony Ricco dw. Mr.Hito
Gilles Poisson df. Tony Russo

06/04/84 @ The Forum (MONTREAL) - 9,853

Gino Brito & Tony Parisi df. Mad Dog Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin
Dino Bravo dq. Rick Valentine [International title]
Nick Bockwinkel dq. Rick Martel [AWA title]
Raymond Rougeau df. Abdullah The Butcher
Domenic DeNucci & Leo Burke df. Sailor White & The Hangman
The Masked Marvel df. Mike Shaw
Armand Rougeau & Gino Brito Jr. df. the Della Serra bros.
Richard Charland df. Tony Ricco

11/29/82 @ Paul Sauve Centre (MONTREAL)

Rick Martel nc. Billy Robinson [International title]
The Destroyer df. Pat Patterson
Gino Brito & Tony Parisi df. Tito Senza (sub-Swede Hanson) & The Hangman
Edouard Carpentier df. The Wolfman
Gilles Poisson & Tito Senza df. Big Mac & Tony Russo
Gerry Ho df. Tim Gerard

05/11/83 @ Pavillon De La Jeunesse (QUEBEC CITY)
Gino Brito & Tony Parisi nc. Billy Robinson & The Masked Superstar
Pierre Lefebvre & Sailor White df. Jacques & Armand Rougeau by co.
Louis Laurence df. Mr. Hito
Tom Lintz df. Tony Russo
Tito Senza df. Dan Ferris
Bob Boucher df. Tony Ricco