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Here's a bunch from old newsletters on Jason Campbell's site. I'll have to review his site and double-check which ones I found these results. Some may have originated from Tom Burke's GWNS. I'd appreciate any help in identifying the venues for the Hull and Ottawa cards. The 1979 result is from the short-lived promotion that Jack Britton (Gino Brito's father) ran after the fall of Grand Prix and All-Star, but before the founding of Varoussac.

Montreal, QC
September 17, 1979
Raymond Rougeau D Gino Brito
Killer Kevin Karlson D Edouard Carpentier by DQ
Yves Vaillancourt & Richard Charland D Gilles Poisson & Serge Dumont
Pierre Lefebvre D Johnny War Eagle
Mr. Haiti & Michel Robert D Del Skinner & Real Duplenis
Danny D'Atillo D ? (Opponent not identified)
Michel Morin DW Las Vilanos

Varoussac Promotions @ Hull, QC
February 16, 1982
Dino Bravo won a 16 man battle royal
Gilles Poisson & Sailor White D Gino Brito & Tony Parisi
Dino Bravo D The Destroyer
Raymond Rougeau D Michel Dubois
Edouard Carpentier D John White
Richard Charland D Mr. Hito
Jos Ventura (Chief Jos Lightfoot) D Robert Orlando

Varoussac Promotions @ Ottawa, ON
March 09, 1982
Dino Bravo DQ Sailor White by DQ
Jean Ferre & Edouard Carpentier D The Destroyer & GillesPoisson
Zarinoff Lebeouf D Gino Brito
Raymond Rougeau D Mr. Hito
Bobby Kay D John White
Len Shelley D Mike Rotundo

Varoussac Promotions @ Hull, QC
June 01, 1982
Jean Ferre D Gilles Poisson
Dino Bravo D Greg Valentine by DQ
Billy Robinson D Billy "Cool Cat" Jackson
Tony Russo D The Avenger
Dino Bravo (Not sure if this is a mistake or if Bravo substituted for Brito's original partner) &
Gino Brito vs. Zarinoff Lebeouf & Danny "Bullwhip" Johnson
Mr. Hito D Gerry Ho

Varoussac Promotions @ Hull, QC
June 15, 1982
Raymond Rougeau DDQ Pierre Lefebvre
Billy Robinson D Gino Brito by CO
Edouard Carpentier, Dino Bravo & Billy "Cool Cat" Jackson D The Texans & Danny
"Bullwhip" Johnson
Zarinoff Leboeuf D Louis Laurence by TKO
Armand Rougeau D Mr. Hito by DQ
Jos Ventura D Tony Russo

Varoussac Promotions @ Montreal, QC
July 26, 1982
Jean Ferre D Stan Hansen
Dino Bravo DDQ Abdullah the Butcher
Raymond Rougeau DDQ Pat Patterson
Rick Martel D Billy Robinson by DQ
Edouard Carpentier, Mad Dog Vachon, & Billy "Cool Cat" Jackson D The Texans &
Danny "Bullwhip" Johnson
Pierre LeFebvre D Armand Rougeau by TKO
Gino Brito D The Great Masked Mephisto
Gilles Poisson & Zarinoff Leboeuf D Jos Ventura & Louis Laurence

Varoussac Promotions @ Hull, Quebec
September 10, 1982
Pat Patterson & Pierre Lefebvre D Raymond Rougeau & Mad Dog Vachon
Dino Bravo & Gino Brito D The Texans
Lord Alfred Hayes D Edouard Carpentier by DQ
Billy "Cool Cat" Jackson D Ninja Saito by DQ
Armand Rougeau D Danny "Bullwhip" Johnson
Mr. Hito D Gerry Ho

Varoussac Promotions @ Paul-Sauve Centre
Montreal, QC
October 18, 1982
Pat Patterson, Mr. Fuji, & Mr. Saito D Tony Parisi, Dino Bravo, & Gino Brito
The Destroyer D Lord Alfred Hayes
Edouard Carpentier D Gilles Poisson
Armand Rougeau & Gerry Ho D Mr. Htio & Chin Lee
Danny "Bullwhip" Johnson D Lionel Robert
Tony Russo D Louis Laurence
Gerry Ho D Mr. Hito by DQ