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 Posted: Sat Nov 30th, 2019 01:22 am
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In 1993 I was in college. Also played a shit ton of golf, my friend and I, and sometimes his sister, played golf at least three times a week...Saturday and Sunday we did 18, and during the week at least once per week we would go out at 5:15 and depending on how busy it was/time of summer, we could play anywhere from 12-18 holes at the 9 hole price of $8 on the city course. Well, the best course in Stamford CT did not take walk ups, you needed a tee time. So at 7am, on my way to school, I stopped to get a tee time. And for whatever reason that day I was wearing my Badstreet USA shirt. A bunch of old guys were hanging out talking about meeting Joe Klecko and “he’s a lot stronger than that guy”. I didn’t ask, just booked and paid, and walked to the car. The parking lot was between holes 9 and 10, and all I hear is “Badstreet? Don’t you belong in Atlanta?”. And I looked over and Curt Hennig was heckling me. So I walked toward his cart and said “how ya doing, man?”. His response? “Better than you!”.

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