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 Posted: Sun Dec 1st, 2019 08:03 pm
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Celebrities are in short supply in the Twin Cities, so pro wrestlers and athletes make up the entirety of my interactions with celebrities.

Hulk Hogan during his AWA days was paying the tab at a restaurant as my family went in for lunch one Saturday afternoon. I was in awe as a 10 year old and he was very kind.

When Summerslam '99 was in Minneapolis, I met Mick Foley for a second and gave him a "Bang! Bang!" he smiled and replied in kind, so thumbs up from me.

Kent Hrbek was a local Twin Cities kid who grew up to become one of the all time favorite Minnesota Twins players. I think it's because most fans have never met him in person. I ran into him on two separate occasions and he was pretty arrogant and rude to anyone who approached him outside of his own circle.

Vikings legendary DE John Randle was a great, regular joe kind of guy when I met him once through work early in his run with the Vikes.