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The only semi-interesting story I have is Howard Stern.  I was invited to someone's wedding who worked on his show near the tail end of his terrestrial radio career.  He was a friend of a friend who I used to occasionally watch UFC with and go to concerts with (with our mutual friends always there too).  I knew in passing that he worked for Stern, but it never dawned on me that he'd be at the wedding.  I don't think anyone will be surprised to know that he made it all about himself.  The wedding guests weren't allowed to take pictures for fear that ones of Stern would get out and we were told that the professional photographer would send us all the pics we wanted.  You can imagine how that went over as everyone was ignoring that order and taking any pics they wanted, and Stern's handlers were running around trying to tell family and friends of the wedding party to stop taking pics when Stern wasn't even in the fucking room.  It was a circus.  During the reception, he stayed at his own table with his people surrounding him to make sure no one could talk to him and he had his head down with his stupid sunglasses on (in a nearly dark room) the whole time, until he left early and everyone was so glad he was gone and we could have fun.  Absolutely no one cared that he was there, gave 2 shits about him, or wanted him there, but he was paranoid that someone might actually talk to him.

A co-worker 10 years ago was childhood friends from Phoenix with Amy Davidson of "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter".  We went out to Happy Hour after work one night and she was in town and came.  She was low-key but we got a few John Ritter, Katey Sagal, and Kaley Cuoco (before she was really huge) stories.  Davidson was really struggling in her career at that point and had just done a made-for-TV-movie or something and she was a little down about that.  She seemed to have a realistic outlook and was hopeful that she could survive off of her "8 Simple Rules" residuals if nothing else came along, but she was clearly a bit bitter that Cuoco got "The Big Bang Theory" very quickly because she was "the hot one".  Unfortunately, all these years later and she never really did get anything else of note.

Met LL Cool J at a strip club many years ago.  He was flashing the hundreds and was in full party mode.  Nice guy though, he was a happy drunk, buying rounds and signing autographs in between getting raped by super aggressive girls who knew that he was the gravy train.  The rest of us got the left-overs.

Met David Cone and David Wells on Halloween or the night before in the '90s at the China Club.  I was surprised that Cone was the more outgoing one and Wells was pretty sullen and quiet.  Both were drunk but Cone was in the chatty stage and Wells might've been in the "almost passed out" stage.  But we talked for quite a bit and they were cool.  I tried to not come across like a Yankees mark or annoy them with baseball questions so we talked about NY nightlife mostly and I remember a conversation about imported vs. domestic beers.

My club promoter friend ran an Astoria nightclub called Island and I was in another business with him.  I helped him out on some promotion that included having Kim Kardashian make an appearance for 15 minutes at midnight on New Year's Eve.  The nightclub was a disaster as was everything else that this guy touched, and we are no longer friends, but that's a different story.  Anyway, Kim K strolled in at 2:00 AM so you can imagine the panic as we had a completely jam packed club counting down to midnight and no guest of honor in the zip code.  When she got there, she was the pretentious cunt you'd expect her to be, and she literally didn't know that she wasn't in Manhattan, which was a little funny.  She wasn't even drunk, just stupid.

Had a very random run-in with Jerry Rice simply walking down the street in midtown Manhattan.  I'm not a huge Rice fan and I don't know how I recognized him.  He was in a 3-piece suit, clearly coming back from a meeting (this was post retirement) and I was going home from work.  I did a double-take, wound up waiting on the same street corner as him for the light to turn, and just turned and said "You're Jerry Rice" without being 100% sure he was.  He laughed and said "Good eye" or something and I had absolutely no idea what else to say so I just awkwardly complimented him and then we crossed the street and that was that.  Not my finest celebrity interaction, but I could pass him in the street 1,000 times and probably not realize it 999 times.      

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