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 Posted: Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 02:03 am
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Call me gullible, but I can buy it. MSG was a week later - and Elder Vince from what I know didnt always go to Philly. Let’s assume for a second that whatever deal he made with Bruno happened that weekend, maybe even that day. Elder has the ability to make the call and let one of his trusted guys deliver the news. Could have been any one of his guys, hell, could’ve been Gorilla as Philly was his home arena. And while Backlund, Koloff, and Superstar Graham all had Elder tell them personally, they (with possibly the exception being Koloff) also were told months in advance. The whole Pedro/Stan/Bruno thing was very hastily worked out. Koloff won and lost at MSG, as did Backlund. Superstar won in Baltimore and lost in MSG. Stasiak winning it in Philly on short notice? I totally buy that Elder wasn’t there and that it was out of the blue. Like he was in the right place at the right time. My question to you all is: Did they take the belt from Pedro because he wasn’t drawing? Because Bruno wanted rid of the belt when he gave it up, and he wasn’t exactly screamIng to get it back.

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