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 Posted: Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 06:39 pm
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I have had several interactions.

In 09, I was still consulting for the firm that bought out mine. Basically, I went to dinners with my clients in Canada. Anyway, coming back from Toronto on a fairly small plane (which was the standard), I am seated next to a younger blonde. Hair pulled back, baseball hat and no makeup. We talk a bit. She asks what I do. I explain the boring shit to her and ask what she does. She tells me film and TV. I stupidly ask if she is in anything I might know. She asks if I have seen 24?

The light bulb goes off. It is Elisha Cuthbert. I ask a bunch of questions. Ask about Keiffer. She tells me that he was OK and helped her avoid some pitfalls but would smoke everywhere, even directly underneath "no smoking" signs. She even said she was a casual smoker but some people would lose their minds when he would do that. She was surprised to get the role because she didn't think she looked young enough to play his daughter. She did tease me by saying there was one person in the cast who she despised. Would not say who. She was coming into Philly to see her boyfriend who was a NHL player and had a game in Philly the next night. Said she was visiting relatives in Canada. I asked for her favorite move experience and she said working with Timothy Olyphant in some movie where she played a porn star. Said he had everyone laughing all the time.

I rode on a train with Peter Coyote. He has done a million films and now seems to do voice over work. Guessing it was 05 or 06. I was in one of those 4 way seats on the train to NY. He was a pretentious dick. On the phone talking to someone saying he was "arriving in the city with the great unwashed". Just an overall asshole.

I was at a hardware store maybe a mile from my house about 15 years ago. I made the turn into an aisle and literally bumped into someone who looked familiar. The guy checks out a couple of people in front of me. This is a mom and pop shop. I ask the cashier if she knew who that guy was. She tells me it was Chuck Barris from The Gong Show fame.

I sat in a first class seat to Phoenix next to Ed Rendell. Sometime in the 07/08 time frame. I recall that because I was going there to try and save an account. Didn't work. Anyway, he doesn't say one word the entire time and it was clear he didn't want to talk.

My cousin had a great one from several years ago. She and her companion were automatically upgraded on a flight to LA. She had a ton of miles from overseas trips for research on some thesis she did for her Doctorate. Anyway, they get to the gate and are called up by an agent. The agent tells them that they need to reseat them in coach because of some "exceptional circumstances". Amazingly, they were fairly nice about it and gave them voucher and promised them they would tell the flight attendants to comp their drinks. Again, I am amazed because the airline actually followed up.

About mid-way through the flight, a guy in a baseball hat pulled down very far comes back with 2 beers. By this point, they already had a couple but were far from drunk. The guy stops by their row, leans down, hands them the beers and introduces himself as "Tom" and thanks them for being so nice. It was Tom Hanks. He tells them that he is not against flying coach but the airlines have an issue with it because they say it creates a distraction. Said it was a last minute deal and he was sorry someone lost their seats. Talked to them for about 5 minutes. A few people recognized him but this was before selfies became the rage.

I have had a lot of interactions with local Philly sports guys but you have to be a fan to appreciate those.