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 Posted: Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 11:49 pm
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Dave Grohl - met him 3 times, was cool as fuck all 3 times.  Have him some biking tips (the band keeps BMX bikes on the tour bus and they ride around while their driver sleeps).  John Rzeznik is a complete asshole, the other Goo Goo Dolls is cool as fuck.  Steve Earle is awesome (brings his dog on tour), just dont mention John Mellencamp to him. 

Held a Starbucks door open for Ben Stiller in Massena NU while he was filming the Dannemora movie.  Didn't realize it was him until the staff told me.  A few family friends are hanging around in the background of that series. 

Have met a shit ton of hockey players. Gordie Howe sent me to the penalty box at his old Traverse City restaurant for putting my elbow on the table.  Jean Beliveau was a complete gentleman, Phil Esposito is a dickhead but immensely entertaining,. PK Subban doesn't realize the benefits of taking a couple advil after a night of binge drinking, former Isles goalie Billy Smith likes chasing skirts.  Wendel Clark is a prick, Joe Thornton is funny as hell.  

Rasslin wise our family had a camp in Minnesota fairly close to the Zenks camp north of Minneapolis.  No real good Tom Zenk stories outside seeing him a bar a couple times in the 90s and he told me some shit about Buck Zumhoff that was horrifying (and turned out to be 100% true). I still keep in touch with one of his Nephews, usually shooting the shit about beer.

Met the Iron Shiek at a fan event and when he offered to barter some of my pain pills for a signed 8x10 he lost his shit when I told him Jim Neidhart promised me 2 autographs and a picture for them.  FWIW I kept them all for myself.

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