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 Posted: Wed Dec 4th, 2019 12:25 pm
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srossi wrote: Surely they have to realize how popular this was.

I think they have realized how unpopular the Hidden Gems are. There is certainly a very vocal group of Hidden Gems and more broadly, fans of pre-1985 wrestling. But WWE have every viewing statistic they could ever want. If the Hidden Gems aren't bringing in the subscribers versus the cost to produce, then they are going to cut it. I'd put myself in the "fan of Hidden Gems and old school wrestling group" but I don't watch every Hidden Gem. I'll be honest and say that if the match has no commentary, I will probably skip it completely. Also, from comments I read, it seems that the older stuff is very niche, and is subject to a lot (in terms of % of interested viewers) of piracy, account sharing, and binging in free months. I know some people subscribe for a free month, binge, then cancel, then do the same again three months later. WWE won't take that as a success. I suspect that  the group of people complaining is A) not as big as you might think, just very vocal, and B) made up of a good number of people who have contributed little or no money to the Network.

tl;dr - If the old school stuff was popular with paying subscribers, they would be putting more on, not less.

Caveat: If they did a better job with the way they put up the old school stuff, it would have been more successful. Most of the old footage comes with zero context. Introductions and interviews around the old school stuff would have improved the offering by 1000%.

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