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 Posted: Thu Dec 5th, 2019 12:39 am
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I liked watching him. I really enjoyed watching World Class when he was a total ass kicker and would go after Akbar, then flip over to ESPN and see him working with Al-Kaisee. It didn’t make sense but was still interesting to process when they still were trying to keep kayfabe. About ten or so years ago they released DVDs from St Louis, and one had a Flair-Brody Broadway from the Checkerdome. I had not yet seen any of Brody’s Japan work except for if they showed pieces on US tv to reintroduce him to the audience. I was surprised with how well he worked with Flair - he must’ve liked or respected Ric, because he worked a great match and most likely got a very fat envelope that night. His only real fuckup in my opinion was that he went to World Class and over a year became Red River Jack, when he could’ve gone to the WWF for really big money and done a problem with Hogan. As much as Brody liked Japan and the money he made there, he would have made legit, life changing money just off of the action figures and ice cream bars...and wouldn’t have had to make a couple grand in Puerto Rico and end up dying in a corrupt hospital.

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